How it Works !


Who We Are

An amalgam of words Globex (Globle Exchange) & Wallet (Purse), Globexwallet is an online marketplace for SME loans. Globexwallet provides a platform that connects Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Banks/NBFCS/FIs through online as well as offline channels.

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How we help SMEs?

By connecting SMEs with banks through our online portal, Globexwallet assists SMEs in saving time and efforts during debt raising process freeing the businesses to focus upon business growth. We are the financial representatives you have so long been looking for to meticulously evaluate your loan requirements and approach the right forum for fulfilment of your monetary needs.

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Customer Accretion Partner: We extend a warm invite to existing retail loan DSAs of banks/NBFCs, Liability Sales Teams off the payroll, CA, Lawyers etc. to join our bandwagon with exciting opportunity of partnering with us. As Customer Accretion Partners of Globexwallet, you shall be responsible for referring to or acquiring a customer for Globexwallet. With right & focused efforts, it can be an additional source of income for you with the potential to surpass your annual earnings just by acquiring a few customers during the whole year.

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Service Delivery Partner: Are you a CA working in the field of Debt Syndication or an Ex-Banker? Won't you be glad to get customers without putting efforts in marketing & customer acquisition? Just sit at your office and Debt Syndication cases of your city will keep landing at your table, courtesy the wide channel network of Globexwallet. Be a part of our ever increasing network and witness your earning grow multifold in a short span of time.

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Our Team